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Jobs of the future

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Ақтөбе облысы, Шалқар қаласы №3 орта мектебінің ағылшын пәні мұғалімі Байтлеева Сабира Қорғантайқызы

The theme: Jobs of the future.
The aim:
Educational: To practice students, to speak about the jobs and their influence on our life.
To enrich pupils knowledge about professions .
Developing: to enrich the students’ word-stock.
to develop their thinking abilities
to develop pupils, views of electing professions.
Equipment: textbook, shemes, substitution table, an interactive board.
The type of the lesson: mixed.
The method of teaching: individual work, group work, games.
The outline of the lesson:
1. Organization moment: greetings, short conversation with pupils on duty.
Checking up of the home task a)”My future profession”. I’d like you to read some examples of your dialogues.
b) Answer the questions:
1) What would you like to do after school?
2) Was it your own decision?
2) Who helped you to make the decision?
3) What is your father by profession?
4) Is this profession important for society?
3. Warm up
Teacher: First of all, I’ d like to remind you of the difference between the words: profession ,job and occupation.
Profession - a job that needs a special education and training. Example: What is your mother by profession?
Job -the regular paid work that you do for an employer. Example: Did you work a holiday job this summer.
Occupation -a job or profession. What is your mother’s occupation? Example: What company does your father work for?
Group work: P1-P2
Answer the questions.
1. What is your mother by profession?
2. What is your father by profession?
3. What company does your father work for?
4. Is it an easy matter to get a job nowadays?
5. What profession will you choose?
4. The theme of today’s lesson is “Jobs of the future”
1) What do you want to be when you grow up?
2) What is important in choosing a profession? Do you want to have a well-paid job or low-paid but interesting job for your profession?
3) What professional field can you work in?
4) What subjects are you good at?
5. A guessing- game ”What profession is it?” a ) I’ll describe you a profession and you will give me the word.
b) Listen to the definitions of professions, try to guess and name them.
1 .someone who designs clothes
2 . someone who writes computer programs
3 . someone who gets cash or pays out money in a shop
4 .someone who changes spoken words from one language to another
5 .someone whose job is to design buildings
6 .someone whose job is to manage a company
7 .someone who studies or works in physics
6) Work in pairs
Dialogue . The roleplay the situation, recreating the interview in your own words.
Margie is applying for a job at the personnel office of National Electronics.
A: Please have a seat, (name).
B: Thank you.
A: Now, what kind of job are you interested in?
B: Well, I enjoy (1) and I’m good at (2)
A: Can you (3).
B: Yes, I can.
A: How about a job as a (4).
B: Well, that doesn’t sound very (5). Is there anything else?
A: Would you like to work in the (6)?
B: As a (7)? Yes, I think I’d like that.
A: OK. Let’s think about that.

1. working with people
2. working under pressure
3. operate a computer
4. secretary
5. interesting
6. customer relations department
7. customer service representative

7) Conclusion Divide them into groups.

Prestigious jobs Not prestigious jobs
Well-paid low-paid
Up-to-date Out-of-date
Rare Widespread
Intellectual/ mental Manual

8) Production
a) speaking on the theme:” Jobs of the future”
b) Sinquains of the words jobs

9) Assessment

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