(бұл тестілеу) Ағылшын тілі.«Environment and You» «Environment and You»

Учитель английского языка Кайракбаева Нурзила Советовна. Жамбылская обл. Шуский р-н. с. Бірлік. СШ. имени М.Х.Дулати

The theme: “Environment and You”

Aims: a) to revise new vocabulary on the topic of environment;
b) to enrich the pupils’ knowledges with new facts;
c) to improve the pupils’ English using useful words and expressions;
d) to make the pupils’ learn how to solve the problems locally and globally.
Visual aids: textbook, interactive board, cards, pictures, slides, the map of Kazakhstan.
Type of the lesson: research lesson.

Plan of the lesson:
1) Organization moment:
a) Psychological mood.
2) The aims of the lesson.
3) Warm – up.
4) Revision of the last material. Home task.
5) New material’s research.
6) Presentation “Ecological Problems of Kazakhstan”.
7) Speaking: pair work (brainstorming questions).
Training exercises.
9) Writing.

10) Knowledge’s diagnostics grammar test, vocabulary test.
11) Evalution of pupils’ knowledge.
12) Conclusion.

Procedure of the lesson: The Environmental problems of Kazakhstan.

I. Organization moment:
I’m very glad to see you today at our English lesson.
The theme of our lesson is “Environment and You”.

II. – Today the ecological situation of our country is at a critical point. Our lives depend on the state of our living place. Let’s talk about these problems and solve them in cooperation.

III. Warm – up: Let’s begin with the words
1) Phonetic drill: environment, pollution, influence, improve, preserve, threaten, interaction, protect, living things.
2) The game “Bingo”.
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